január 2011

eHungary point

The name of the eHungary point: City Library, Gyönk
Address: Dózsa György square 548.
ID number:

eMagyarország pont

eMagyarország pont neve: Városi Könyvtár, Gyönk
Cím: Dózsa György tér 548.
Elérhetőség: 74/548-019
ID szám: 493

Opened wardrobes in the library

As attached to the Hungarian Culture's Day, we would like to show our visitors a small part (but an important part for us) of the "universal culture". We select those part of the library's locas history themes, which are written about Gyönk, or wich are in connection with Gyönk. At the same time we would like to ask everybody, who has documents like these (for example thesis, placard, old photos), and would like to make it possible to for the library to get a copy of it, please, let us know. Thank you very much.

Lets learn the library

The library's purpose is to give a review about the most important "rules" to a wide range of it's users. So, the library gives an opportunity to the educational institutions, and their students, to get familiar with these with the librarian's guide during librarian-lessons. One like this lesson was in december, when two of the Hegyhát Elementary School's 7th grade class, and two of the Lajos Tolnai Gymnasium's 7th grade class were the library's guest.

I was at the Don

On the 22th november 2010, misses Tóth (born Erzsébet Polácsi) was a guest at the library's program called "I was at the Don". Erzsébet Polácsi joined the 30th pilgrimage of Don, to find her father's grave - who fall in the 2nd World War. After her report a film was projected about a pilgrimage of Don.

"But it has no end..."

On the 25th october dr. Ernő Balogh literary historian, cirtic gave a lecture in the library - as a part of the TÁMOP 3.2.4 program - with the title "But it has no end..." : Ady and Csinszka - the story of a love and a marriage.

Welcome to the City Library's webpage!

Money, payed for books, seems to be wasted money. As seed corn.” (Géza Gárdonyi)

Dear visitor!

Ich begrüße Sie ganz herzlich auf der Webseite der Stadtbibliothek!

Das Geld, was für Bücher ausgegeben wird scheint herausgeworfenes Geld zu sein. Wie Saatkörner.” (Géza Gárdonyi)

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A könyvre kiadott pénz, látszólag kidobott pénz. Mint a vetőmag.” (Gárdonyi Géza)

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Joanne Harris: Bársony és keserű mandula

Ezt az elragadó gyűjteményt olvasni olyan, akár a legfinomabb bonbonosdobozban válogatni a krémes, keserű, kávés vagy nugátos édességek között. Nem is csoda, hiszen a Csokoládé világhírű írónője ismét meglepetést és örömet akart szerezni rajongóinak.