The Márai-program began

The Márai-program’s main task is to popularize the contemporary Hungarian and children’s literature, and to pass these works to the readerschip through the libraries. (The entertaining (popular) literature is not a part of the program.) The concept itself was developed during the previos government’s period. To be exactly: in 2006, on the grounds of a Scandinavian model, the Hungarian Publishers and Book Distributors’ Association (in hungarian: Magyar Könyvkiadók és Könyvterjesztők Egyesülete) initiated it, but the program was not started. The new government, after it was formed, was meant to spend 1 billion forints for this purpose. Due to different governmental distraints the amount was finally 400 million forints. In Hungary 600, and beyond the country 48 institutes can purchase publications from the given money. The City Library in Gyönk could order literature and technical books from the given 500 in a value of 500 tousand forints. A part of these yet arrived and was processed.

Look for the books in our library with the Márai-program’s logo.