Programmes which popularize the library

Several groups visited the library and the library's programmes in this month too, where it was possible to teach the library usage, to hold programs, and to demonstrate the the library's new services (which came true as a part of the TÁMOP program):

  • 8th october:  „Who love the flower” : a program for the 8/a. class from the secondary-school
  • 9th ocbober: Sunday of books – The library organized literature, grammar and historical quiz, joined to the Nationwide Librarian Days. The families with the best three result became a book prize.
  • 10th october: Library usage lesson for the 9/b. class with the title: Information and Society
  • 11th october: "I present the webpage" - searching on the library's new website.
  • 12th october: Librarian lesson for the secondary-school's 11/a class: the digestion of a book-content; librarian sings; using the catalogue; electronical library usage.
  • 15th october: International Day of Older Persons
  • 18th october: Library usage lesson for the secondary-school's 8th class
  • 20th october: "The wife of the wives" : dr. Ernő Balogh's lecture
  • 24th october: Library usage lesson fot the 7th class of the Hegyhát Elementary School